Musica Ex Machina – Jukebox A Milano

April 2009

This post relates to an exhibition in which I took part at Triennale, Milan, April 2009. The theme was the jukebox, their enduring appeal and contemporary interpretations. I developed a digital jukebox concept that used customised beermat ‘tokens’ to activate the different tracks. Two working models were installed — one in the Triennale exhibition hall and a second that travelled around Milan in a bus. For the catalogue I wrote the following essay:

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Collage Image Dialogue in Industrial Design

In 2008 I had the chance to work on a book with one of my teachers (and later colleague), Jane Graves. The book is called The Secret Lives of Objects and is a collection of 19 essays — an incredible distillation of Jane’s 30+ years of research, teaching and practice at Central Saint Martins. Initially this was the area of psychoanalytical theory and sociology, later on Jane worked as a psychoanalytical psychotherapist. These essays capture Jane’s ability to bring razor sharp analysis to what many treat as a lightweight area of study — design and aesthetics. So many students learned so much from Jane and this book is a modest attempt to capture some of her approach.

I am sad to report that Jane died on 29th March 2011 at the age of 76

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Making is Designing

This essay was produced for the catalogue for the Six Cities Design Festival. It concerns the importance of making in the act of design — a strong philosophy behind the development of the Claystation series of events. “Claystation – Remodelling Scotland, Published and Distributed by The Lighthouse, Scotland’s Centre for Architecture. ISBN 1–905061-11–0

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